Why Sustainable Muncie?

Many cities across the country are in disrepair and well-intentioned community leaders are working hard to identify opportunities for revitalization. In 2015, Sustainable Muncie Corporation was established as a public, non-profit with 501(c)3 tax exempt status to provide leadership to community-driven efforts to unlock hidden community assets and re-introduce those assets into the public domain to boost growth and prosperity. The 2017 Smart Growth America[1] report, Made in Place: Small-scale manufacturing and neighborhood revitalization, provides insight into how “small-scale manufacturing can help downtown revitalization and in turn, small-scale manufacturing can benefit from and thrive in downtown locations.” Key recommendations for action include:

  • Finding, connecting, and supporting small-scale manufacturers;
  • Identifying funding sources;
  • Encouraging small, light industrial space in local developments; and
  • Creating cross-sector partnerships.

Additionally, Detter and Fölster[2] (2018) argue for “making the value of long-term investments more transparent and visible to the public, and making better use of professionals who make decision based on evidence while remaining at arm’s length from day-to-day politics.” Their strategy consists of (1) knowing your economic, human, and social assets; (2) using professional management practices; and (3) shifting resources from consumption to long-term investment.

[1] Smart Growth America (see https://smartgrowthamerica.org) is a national organization working to “help every town and city become a more economically prosperous, socially equitable, and environmentally sustainable place to live.”

[2] Detter and Fölster (2018). The Public Wealth of Cities. Brookings Institution Press (Washington, DC).


  • Sustainable Muncie Corporation has a 9-person Board of Directors who serve on a volunteer basis.
    • Jane Ellery | President
    • Aaron Brunsman | Vice President
    • Mark McKinney | Secretary
    • Jake Van Brunt | Treasurer
    • Alisa Wells | Member
    • Molly Martin | Member
    • Corey Sharp | Member
    • John Smith | Member
    • Peggy Cenova | Member
    • Ed Conatser | MRC Representative
    • Jennifer Greene | Madjax Representative
    • Kyra Zylstra | Future of Work Representative