current Action Team Projects

Imagine if everyone who retired from work found a meaningful post-retirement in Muncie? What would that look like?

The Muncie Retirees Entrepreneurial Club (REC) aims to help older individuals connect with others in a meaningful way that encourages purposeful networking and cross-generational partnerships. To help launch the REC, a team of community members gathered to determine a project to help kick off the club.

Pathfinder project:

Speaking of Books: Create a unique offering from other traditional discussion-oriented clubs focused more on reader advisory/recommendations for older adults to read to children. 

Madjax Makerspace

Imagine if Madjax was a place where inter-generational connections are both possible and encouraged. What would that look like?

Madjax is a local community center where people from various backgrounds gather to co-create. Tenants from the building met to determine how the building can be more conducive to inter-generational collaborations.

Pathfinder project:

Experiential Workshops: Leverage the in-house maker collective and expertise in the Madjax building to offer workshops & experiences to help educate and build skills among older adults. 

Student developed STEM Learning

What would it look like to offer programs that help students get excited about technology careers and learn about STEM in ways that are actually helpful and interesting?

Local high school students along with Purdue Polytechnic faculty gathered to create fun opportunities BY students, FOR students.

Pathfinder project:

Drone Racing: Design and build drone racing courses to explore the physics and technology behind drones. 

Healthy Community Alliance

What would it look like if Partners were able to build connections, feel included, engage in generative discussion, and set action plans within meetings?

The Healthy Community Alliance is working to understand the importance of building connections for better participant engagement and learn ideas for being inclusive of participants with varying levels of technology or technological comfort to increase participant and partner engagement.

Pathfinder project:

Partner Invitations: Invite organizational partners to give presentations about their successes at Healthy Community Alliance meetings. 

Ball State Students

Imagine Muncie as a place where people are living healthy lives. What could we create to help make this a reality?

A group of Ball State students worked to develop a project that would make our community a healthier place.

Pathfinder project:

Muncie Walks: A local walking club to increase connections among community members and promote healthy living.

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