Name: abe hunt  


Job Title: Manufacturing engineer at Magna powertrain


Starting Salary: $50,000



How long have you been with Magna?? I’ve been at Magna a total of 4 years. I started as an intern in 2016, did that for 2 years and have been an engineer here for almost 2 years now.

Other related job positions before this: Pretty much none! I worked at Chick-fil-A and then came here, so I say “my pleasure a lot,” haha. But my internship 

Education history: I graduated from Wapahani High School in 2014 and graduated from Purdue Polytechnic Anderson in 2018 with an Engineering Technology Degree.

What classes should high school students consider to prepare for a career like yours? I would say the Project Lead the Way classes for sure if those are offered, math classes, and physics is really helpful as well.

What do you enjoy most about your current job? The fact that it’s something different every day. It’s never boring, ever. And the people I work with are great!

What do you find most interesting about the products that your company makes? The stuff we make goes into almost every brand out there on the road which is pretty awesome. The truck I own actually has parts that we made here in it. It’s just really neat to see stuff out on the road that we made.

What does “the future of work” mean to you? Automation and electrification. I mean here, robots do a lot and we add more every year. In 5 years it’ll probably be a lot of robots and not as many people so finding people that can work with robots and manage automation technology is crucial.