Name: Brad  Daugherty


Job Title: Manufacturing engineering tech at Magna powertrain


Average Starting Salary: $50,000


How long have you been with Magna?? I’ve been in my current position about 6 months, but I was an intern here starting in 2018 and hired in full time after that. 

Other related job positions before this: I had a couple different internships through Purdue Polytech that helped me gain exposure to a lot of different industries and different aspects of my work.

Education history: I graduated from Delta High School in 2016 and went to Purdue Polytechnic in Anderson and graduated in 2019 with and Engineering Technology Degree. 

What do you enjoy most about your current job? It’s really something different everyday. You’re always problem solving, applying your skills. At this moment, it’s also cool just to see how quickly the plant and the industry is changing and how we adapt to those changes. 

What do you find most interesting about the products that your company makes? Well, you can go out whenever you are driving to or from work and see vehicles everywhere that have products we make here. It’s just really cool to see our products out on the roads. 

What does “the future of work” mean to you? As you look around it’s going to be an increase in automation, and there’s always a need for cost reduction. It’s up to us to look around, update processes, apply our skills and see what we can do to reduce costs and increase automation technology. Here at Magna, we have a really good future, in terms of the quality of parts that we make and the cost we can manufacture them at so our outlook it very good!